Tokyo, Japan.

Back in 2012, Out of an obsession for freedom to move across town and across the globe
and inspired by the lights of their district Roppongi where born all Japanese trends,
Alessandro Bellucci and Nobuicho Kawai cut a backpack out of a sweatshirt and a big size zip.
They adopted the name SUPE because is the way to say soup in Japanese “slang”.
In fact the brand represents a “soup” of symbols: block of colours like the different Tokyo neighbourhoods.
Block of materials like the countries of the world.
All united and connected by our symbol, the megazip.

“My creation of SUPE was not fashion but more a way of life.”

Alessandro Bellucci, the Italian, design and creativity, founder of Supe.

What is the message of SUPE?
For me, SUPE stands for glamour without fashion trends.

What project you have for SUPE?
I hope that SUPE remains true to itself and that the products remain unique.

What sort of people buy SUPE?
All kinds of people, from every age group. But all people that want be different.

“SUPE stands for glamor without fashion trends”

Nobuhiko Kawai, the Japanese, efficiency and technology, founder of Supe.

What is SUPE?
SUPE manufactures unique products with a fundamental concept that is essential nowadays – few brands are as faithful to their DNA as SUPE. You can tell that they put honest, timeless products first, not profits.

What features has SUPE?
Supe is simple unique. Innovative, fun and playful. The quality and the design are very unique. It also appeals to our art customers and to their urban way of living because they’re innovative themselves.

What project you have for SUPE?
Stick to own values.